Vinícius Filenga

Staff Software Engineer

Hey there, I'm Vini, a 30-year-old husband to my amazing wife, Andressa. I've been knee-deep in the world of IT for the past 14 years, starting out as a programmer and gradually evolving into a solutions architect. Yup, I was tinkering with code even before I had my driver's license!

For the last 4 years, I've been working with Neon, a cool Brazilian fintech company. But hey, life is all about taking chances, right? I've had a couple of unsuccessful entrepreneurial attempts along the way. One was a SaaS platform designed to help gyms and personal trainers sell their classes, and the other was an online and physical store called "Filengão Suplementos", specializing in nutritional supplements. If you're feeling nostalgic or just want a good laugh, you can still find some of my old YouTube videos. Trust me, it's worth it if you understand Portuguese!

But hey, not all ventures are a miss! In the beginning of 2023, I made a successful exit from a SaaS product I co-founded, catering to event organizers. It was a wild ride, and I decided to sell my share to my awesome co-founder. Now, when I'm not immersed in the IT world, you'll often find me practicing powerlifting or indulging in sports in general. Oh, and let's not forget about my guilty pleasure — I've been playing Counter-Strike since I was 13, and despite my love for it, I still suck at it have a long way to go before I can call myself a pro.